Monday, September 1, 2008

Step by Step

Son Michael Pham of Seattle-based Kids Without Borders, co-sponsors of Thien Nhan's trip to the US, snapped this photo of his wife Judy and Thien Nhan, engaged in conversation at their hosts' home in LA. Judy, speaking in English, was encouraging Thien Nhan to use his new walker, while Thien Nhan, speaking in Vietnamese, was saying that he wanted to do it himself and in his own way. Listening in on their conversation it was clear that Judy, who has taught special education for almost three decades, is an exceptional teacher, while Thien Nhan has the determination to achieve miracles.

On Sunday night Thien Nhan and his family bid farewell to US trip organisers Na Huong and Bac Sy ("Doctor") Greig, as Thien Nhan calls Greig Craft, who has accompanied the tot on so many of his medical appointments in Vietnam and the US. Leaving their family and work in Hanoi, Greig and Na Huong traveled 10,000 miles at their own expense to be with Thien Nhan every step of the way on his US journey. Thien Nhan and his parents are now looking forward to going home and reuniting with Thien Nhan's brothers--Big Minh, 8, and Little Minh, 3.

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