Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prepping for Round 2 of Surgery

We are hoping that Thien Nhan, now 3, will go to the United States this fall for major genital surgery. Details are still being worked out, but Dr. Tue Dinh, a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Houston, Texas has agreed to oversee the procedures. Dr. Tue specializes in genital reconstruction.

Thien Nhan's surgery would likely involve extracting the remaining third of his penis, which is currently covered by skin; creating a scrotum; and moving the undescended testes into the newly-built scrotal sack. While the viability of Thien Nhan's undescended testes remains unknown, the longer that these organs remain tucked inside his body, the higher the chance of damage.

These procedures are extremely complex, and Dr. Tue has set the estimated cost for this round of surgery at US$100,000. That's a lot of money! While enough money has been raised to cover this round, repairing the terrible genital damage that Thien Nhan suffered when he was abandonned at birth and mauled by wild animals will require several additional surgeries.
Like Thien Nhan's trip to the US for urethral surgery last fall, this journey will be organized by Hanoi-based philanthropist Greig Craft and Seattle-based Son Michael Pham of Kids Without Borders.
Please keep following Thien Nhan's progress and helping this brave little boy in his fight for recovery!

Help for Manh

Some months ago, we posted a note on Thien Nhan's blog about another little Vietnamese boy named Le Duc Manh who needs help, as he had suffered disfiguring burns as a result of domestic violence. Thanks to reader Ngoc Nga Dang, of Canada, for her offer to help little Manh. As Ms. Nga wrote: "I cannot stand to see another being in pain. My help may not be much, but little drops of water will amount to a river, right?"

We couldn't agree more! If you're able to help Manh or other desperately sick or injured kids in Vietnam, please contact Sam at samsey2@ncf.ca

Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Thien Nhan joined his brothers, mom Mai Anh and aunt Elka for pizza to celebrate his third birthday. While Thien Nhan loved the spicy sausage pizza, his brother Big Minh, 9, preferred the veggie spaghetti -- he managed to eat almost two plates full! Thien Nhan, meanwhile, ate his dinner with a knife and fork. He is very grown up now!

After dinner, Nhan jumped around the restaurant on one foot, amazing diners and staff with his balance, agility and energy.

Singaporean cartoonist CC Lee-- http://chewonitcomics.blogspot.com/ -- who has to date raised and donated around US$50,000 towards Thien Nhan's surgery and rehab -- sent in an additional US$1,700 on the tot's birthday-- $1,501 donated from his readers and colleagues and $199 from his own pocket. Thank you CC Lee and thank you Singapore

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Thien Nhan!

Congratulations to Thien Nhan, who turned 3 today!

To prepare for his special day, the tot got a new haircut, then celebrated with his family.

Having been abandoned at birth and badly mauled by wild animals, Thien Nhan has overcome the odds to become the high-spirited, smart and adventurous little boy that he is today. Happy Birthday Nhan!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Happy Visit

Some days ago, Thien Nhan and his family got a visit from their great friend Son Michael Pham of Seattle-based Kids Without Borders. This 100% volunteer-run charity supports a range of programs that aid needy kids in Vietnam, including the Go Vap orphanage in Saigon.

"It was great to see Son Michael," said Mai Anh. "The kids always remember him."

Along with Hanoi-based philanthropist Greig Craft, Son Michael Pham was instrumental in arranging Thien Nhan's urethral surgery in the USA last August. He even accompanied the family on part of their trip.

Plans are currently being put in place for Thien Nhan's second (and more extensive) genital surgery, expected to take place this autumn in the USA. Surgeons will attempt to reconstruct a scrotum, bring down Thien Nhan's undescended testicles, and extract his penis, which is now hidden beneath his skin.

Son Michael reported that Thien Nhan was very well. "He can move so quickly on one leg and has amazing balance," he said. "He is incredibly strong."
To view more photos from Son Michael's July 2009 mission to Vietnam go to:

[Photo: Thien Nhan (up), Nghinh, Little Minh, Big Minh, Mai Anh, Son Michael]