Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moving Pictures

Renowned photographer Barry Bland, best known for his wildlife photography, snapped some wonderful images of Thien Nhan when he met the toddler in New Hampshire, USA. To see more of Barry's work, visit his blog at http://barrybland.typepad.com/ As well as capturing some of what Thien Nhan has been through, these photos reveal the tot's strong character and irrepressible spirt.


May Lian said...

Thien Nhan is an amazing sparkle! Bland has taken beautiful shots - the pictures speak voluminous; of spunk, closeness & ties, and most of all, the warmth of human touch. It is heartening to know his progress. Thien Nhan is a beautiful kid. Here’s to you, always, TN! And also to the family!

Anonymous said...

Thien Nhan story is really touching our heart.We have a son about Thien Nhan age.We wish we can hold him tight in our arms like we hold our son. Thank you so much for the great pictures.Also, we really hope that you can show all of these pics to more people, so they know more about Thien Nhan and lend a helping hand to Thien Nhan's family.
He is such a beautiful beautiful beautiful kid.