Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Day of School

Today was Thien Nhan's first day of school, courtesy of international Hanoi preschool Sunrise Kids, which has given the tot free tuition! Journalists from VN Express were on hand to film Thien Nhan's trip to school, which was made along with dad Nghinh and big brother, Little Minh, 3, who helped Thien Nhan to get ready and carried his satchel (pictured). The two brothers will study in the same class.

At school, Thien Nhan was thrilled to discover two choices of snacks--toast or rice porridge. While he could not join in the more active morning exercises he participated from the sidelines, copying the other kids and raising his arms and leg to the music. "I think he'll really enjoy school," said his mom Mai Anh. "He is very sociable and learns quickly."

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