Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surgery at NUH Singapore

In late July 2010, Thien Nhan will return to Singapore to undergo reconstructive genital surgery at National University Hospital (NUH). Urologist Dr. Prabhakaran, who is also a professor at National University of Singapore, has kindly offered to waive his fees for this complicated procedure, which will involve the reconstruction of a scrotum and the insertion of prosthetic testicles. The surgery is scheduled for Friday, July 30th.

Many thanks to Pam and Kim Odhner, who have offered Thien Nhan and his "entourage" free use of their home, during their stay! Thien Nhan will recover at their place from August 2nd to 7th.

We are still seeking leads to cheap accomodation (2 rooms) near NUH from July 28th to August 1st -- please email Elka at elkeray@yahoo.com with any tips!

This surgery is possible due to the tireless efforts and generosity of Singapore Straits Times cartoonist CC Lee - chewonitcomics.blogspot.com/- and the many Singaporeans who have contributed towards Thien Nhan's care.