Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Heading West

Following further consultations, doctors at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago decided that Thien Nhan is too young and small to receive a high-tech prosthetic leg at present. He will spend a few more years practicing with a non-jointed limb and a new frame walker, to aid his balance and muscle-development. By the time he starts school Thien Nhan should receive a prosthetic that will allow him much greater mobility.

With the Chicago appointments wrapped up sooner than anticipated, tomorrow morning the family will fly to L.A., their final destination in the US before heading home. There, they will visit Little Saigon, home to the biggest community of Vietnamese people in the US, and attend some fund-raisers. The family will be staying at the home of Cathy Ha Lam, founder of the nonprofit organization Our One World ( While their journey to the US has exceeded everyone's expectations, Mai Anh, Nghinh and Thien Nhan will be happy to go home and see Thien Nhan's brothers, Big Minh, 8, and Little Minh, 3, who have been very well-behaved, brave little boys during their parents' long absence.

[Photo shows Dr. Theresa Clancy helping Thien Nhan to practice with his new walker]

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