Saturday, August 30, 2008

Generous Hearts

Followers and friends of the Cao Dai, a religious group founded in southern Vietnam in the 1930’s that promotes charitable works, have raised US$2,110 for Thien Nhan. LA residents Hien Cao and Khai rallied their friends who live all over the US and in Vietnam to support Thien Nhan. Many thanks to Khai Tang, Tuan Le & Tran, Huynh Nhut-Anh Jaxon, Doan Tran & Van Bui, Hien Cao & Nhi Hang, Bác Khanh Bui, Que Bui & Sister, Tami Phan, Thao Doan & Duyen Nguyen, Ai-Lien Dang, Ha Pham & Giao Huynh, Nghi Le, John Tran and My Bui, Quyen Bui, Tu Anh Huynh & Duy, Quy, Oanh & Cat Tien, Kevin Tran (son of Danh & Ha), Chau Ma & Binh, Trang Duong, Nhi Peter Vo, Xoa Lam, Hue Tang, Vannic Tang, and Kenny Truong, Ha T. Nguyen, and Huong L. Tran.

Special thanks to Hien Cao and Khai, who met Thien Nhan and his parents for a very enjoyable dinner in LA on Friday night. The only time that 2-year-old Thien Nhan stopped chattering was to eat his fried chicken and French fries!

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Anonymous said...

May God bless TN. TN's parents might want to pay more attention to the child's diet, if they really want him to grow up as a healthy boy.

If u can understand mandarin, this is a gd website about health: