Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Italy: one week to go...

The countdown is on! In just one week, Thien Nhan will fly to Bologna, Italy, to undergo the most important surgery of his young life.

Dr. Roberto DeCastro, one of the world's leading experts in genital reconstruction, will rebuild an age-appropriate sized penis and scrotum and insert prosthetic testicles. Because some nerves in Thien Nhan's groin are undamaged, the penis should have sensation, and should continue to grow as he matures.

This complex surgery will take seven to nine hours. Recovery time is estimated at 14 to 20 days. All being well, this is the most difficult surgery that Thien Nhan, who's now four years old, will have to endure.

After a sizeable discount the surgery will cost US$45,000. Travel and three weeks' accomodation in Italy will add around another US$20,000.

Luckily, Thien Nhan's champion, Singaporean cartoonist CC Lee http://chewonitcomics.blogspot.com/, has come through yet again. From May to December 2010, CC Lee raised an astounding US$13,755 towards Thien Nhan's medical care. As usual, he topped up the donations with his own money and handed over US$14,000.
In all, CC Lee, his readers and colleagues have donated US$77, 600 to help Thien Nhan. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of CC Lee and his fellow Singaporeans!

Thank you, Singapore!
[Photo shows Thien Nhan and his schoolmates doing their morning exercises].

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