Wednesday, January 26, 2011


When Thien Nhan, his mum and brother arrived at their hotel in Bologne in the middle of the night, there was nothing to eat. "Go to sleep now and we'll eat in the morning," said Thien Nhan's mum, Mai Anh.

Unfortunately, in the morning Mai Anh learned that Thien Nhan wasn't allowed to eat until after he'd had some medical tests.

"Mum, I'm so hungry," said Thien Nhan.

"I know love," said Mai Anh. "I'm so sorry but you must wait. I'm hungry too."

"So why don't you have some bread?" said Thien Nhan.

"No," said Mai Anh. "When you can eat, I'll eat too."

"You should have some bread."

"But you're not allowed to eat yet."

"Go on, Mum. Eat something now. I'll eat after I've had my check up," said Thien Nhan.

Mai Anh was so proud of her brave little boy, and so touched by his concern for her.

[Photo shows a tired and hungry Thien Nhan waiting to see specialists.]

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