Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting ready

Because Thien Nhan is leaving for Italy tomorrow (Tuesday) night - and nobody wants him to catch a cold at school - he is staying home today. His mum, Mai Anh, is busy collecting warm clothes and packing for their trip.

Mai Anh, Thien Nhan, and Thien Nhan's eldest brother Big Minh will spend Vietnam's biggest festival, the Tet Lunar New Year, in Italy. Following his genital surgery, Thien Nhan must spend two to three weeks in hospital.
To prepare for the Lunar New Year, everybody in Vietnam gets a haircut, buys new clothes and makes themselves look as good as possible. Here's a photo of Thien Nhan's maternal grandpa or Ong Ngoai helping Thien Nhan to look extra handsome.

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes to con Thien Nhan!