Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lost & Found

Greig Craft, an American resident of Hanoi who runs the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation, first heard about Thien Nhan's case in mid-2006, shortly after Thien Nhan was abandoned and mauled by a wild dog. Greig traveled to Quang Nam province to see the injured baby, and contacted overseas doctors who promised to help if he survived. After Thien Nhan was returned to his birth mother, Greig lost track of him, assuming, like most people, that Thien Nhan had succumbed to his massive injuries. When Greig learned via recent media reports that Thien Nhan was alive and had been adopted by a family in Hanoi he got in touch with Mai Anh -- and is now helping to secure medical help.


Yeu Tre said...

What a great news. Hope the best for Thien Nhan.

Dean said...

I am glad to hear this good news. This boy deserves second chance for a good comfortable life.

Best wishes to Thien Nhan.