Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby pics

Ms. Kim Phung of Ho Chi Minh City sent us some photos of Thien Nhan as a small baby, taken by Danang postal worker Ms. Ly and posted on a local charity website:

Having heard of Nhan's plight shortly after the dog attack, Ms. Ly made a great effort to help him. After Thien Nhan was released from hospital in Danang and returned to his birth family in the hills, Ms. Ly regularly made the 2.5-3/hour drive from Danang to his birth village to check on his condition and to bring him milk and supplies. It was thanks to Ms. Ly's online postings that Mai Anh and Elka were able to find Thien Nhan's whereabouts. Without this woman's dedicated kindness, Thien Nhan might have remained forgotten in abysmal conditions.

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Anonymous said...

There're so many wonderful people out there! Thank you so much Ms. Ly for your great effort in looking out for Thien Nhan...What would have happen to him if you never made those trips...can't imgaine...