Saturday, April 5, 2008

Touching support

Mai Anh and Nghin been overwhelmed by the public's response to recent stories about Thien Nhan in the Vietnamese media. More than 175 people have emailed to offer help and praise for their kindness, and many have stopped by their home in Hanoi's Old Quarter to visit.

One elderly woman who lives in the countryside, in Hanoi for an eye operation to save her vision, insisted on visiting Thien Nhan before her surgery for fear that something would go wrong and she'd be unable to see him. Despite her obvious poverty, she gave Thien Nhan VND100,000 ($6.25). "I know she couldn't afford to give us that," says Mai Anh. "But when I tried not to take it she was hurt." When this kind lady wakes up from her eye surgery, Mai Anh will take Thien Nhan to the hospital to visit her.

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