Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Changes

It's exactly one month since Thien Nhan was adopted, and what a difference that month has made! "He was like a wild animal, with no idea what toys were for, and he didn't know how to eat anything except bananas and cold rice," recalls Mai Anh.

Today, eager to make up for lost time, Thien Nhan is eating everything that he can get his hands onto. "We need to be careful or he will get too fat," says Mai Anh. When Nhan was fitted for his first prosthetic leg 2.5 weeks ago, the doctors estimated that it would fit him for two months. But Nhan has gained so much weight and grown so fast that his prosthetic limb is already getting too tight and too short. So it's back to VietCot --the GTZ-funded institute that's supporting his prosthetic care--for adjustments...

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Yeu Tre said...

I am very happy to hear that Thien Nhan is doing much better. I visit this blog every day hoping to hear more news about Thien Nhan. Please post more pictures of him.

Chuc chau mau chong khoe manh va tro lai cuoc song binh thuong nhu bao dua tre khac.

Love from California, USA