Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thanks again Singapore!

Thien Nhan, his mum and two brothers spent three nights in Singapore, where Thien Nhan had an appointment with Professor Prabhakaran at National University Hospital (NUH). Dr. Prabha was very optimistic about Thien Nhan's case, and advocates doing major genital surgery in Singapore this summer.

Not only did Thien Nhan's check up go well, but he also finally got to meet his "Uncle Lee" -- Singapore Straits Times cartoonist CC Lee, and Mr. Lee's colleagues and fellow cartoonists. Without CC Lee's - and other Singaporeans' generous support - Thien Nhan's past and future surgeries would not be possible.

Special thanks to CC Lee, David and Lina, Adarsh and Ms. Latta, and Stella and May Lian. And thanks to everyone who has donated so generously to this special little boy!

[photo: Minh (in black) and Thien Nhan waiting for Thien Nhan's ultrasound at NUH]

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