Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brave Little Soldier

Late Wednesday night, Thien Nhan fell off a chair in his room and hit his knee on a door frame, cutting it deeply. His mum, Mai Anh, used chopsticks, a ruler and some fabric to create a splint, then took Nhan to Viet Duc Hospital's Emergency Ward.
"The doctors all laughed when they saw his splint," reports Mai Anh. The cut required five stitches, which Thien Nhan endured with great bravery, although he did cry for his big brothers.

"When we got home, he stood outside of our front door and yelled: "Brothers! I love you!" reports Mai Anh. "He was like a little soldier who'd come home from the war, he was so grateful to be home and with his brothers again!"

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