Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visiting the Countryside

Yesterday, Thien Nhan and his family drove four hours out of Hanoi to visit his adoptive dad Nghinh's ancestral home in honor of Nghinh's paternal grandfather's death anniversary. It was Thien Nhan's first trip to his paternal village, where dozens of relatives were waiting to meet him. "He was on his best behaviour and charmed all the old ladies, following them around and chattering," says Mai Anh. "They all wanted to feed him and he ate so much chao (rice porridge)." Today, the family prayed before their ancestral altar and visited Grandpa's grave. "Thien Nhan knew how to pray," reports Mai Anh. "He is really enjoying this trip to the countryside." [Photo shows Thien Nhan with his paternal grandmother.]

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