Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Under the Weather

Both Thien Nhan, 2, and his brother Little Minh, 3, are home from school sick today, with mild fevers and sniffles. Usually, Thien Nhan has physio sessions with Swedish physiotherapist Ulrike Urquart on Mondays and Thursdays, but today's lesson had to be cancelled. The tot was already feeling poorly during his last two physio lessons, and gave poor Ulrike--who volunteers her services-- a hard time.

"I wasn't as popular as the first time," said Ulrike. "Well, that's the challenge working with little kids. You can have a great plan for the meeting and then have to rethink. But that's what I love about my work."

"He was cranky and yelled at Ulrike a lot," said Thien Nhan's mom, Mai Anh. "He did not want to cooperate. But Ulrike is very good with him. We are so lucky to find her."


Nemo said...

Come on, boy! Try. Kiss U :-)

Anonymous said...

Children at this age are like that...Thien Nhan is being bad!!