Monday, July 14, 2008

Thien Nhan Turns Two!

Happy Birthday Thien Nhan! The resilient toddler turns two years old today and his friends and family around the world are helping him to celebrate. Luke from Singapore sent Thien Nhan the special birthday drawing at left, while cartoonist CC Lee, also of Singapore, sent in the latest donations he collected from his readers and colleagues --US$2,176, plus an extra $324 from Lee. That's an amazing birthday present! Tonight, Thien Nhan will enjoy his first-ever birthday party.


Elaine said...

Happy Birthday Thien Nhan! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

LOL... when I was small, I didn't get US$12,000 for MY 2ND BIRTHDAY! HELL, I DIDN'T EVEN GET $20! What makes him so special?!

Yeu Tre said...

Happy birthday, little guy. Tell me all about your party, ok?


ChewOnIt! said...

This is in response to the writer of the second post:

Thien Nhan is way more special than you.
Seriously, how dense can you be?
What an idiot.

(And please, if you want to be mean, don't be a chicken also by posting under "anonymous".)

Anonymous said...

Mean? How am I mean? You are the mean one. All I did was to merely ask what made him so special, and here you are calling me "dense", "idiot" and "chicken".

Yeah, getting mauled by a dog at a young age makes him so l33t and $p3c14|!!!!! Why don't you go visit any nursery/kindergarten and look at how REALLY special toddlers/children look like? At least they can WALK! Heck, some even speak before they start learning how to walk!

Yeu Tre said...

What makes him so special to me? That's a good question. At first, he caught my attention because of the little detail "ants were crawling all over his little body". Then nearly 2 years later, he caught my attention again because of his sad face. But having some attention doesn't make him special, is it? He's special to me because he is the one who inspires me to start charity work. Thinking of him days and even nights make me realize that there are so many unfortunate children/people that I haven't paid attention before. Yes, I heard about them, but forgot about them right after that. ThienNhan is different. He stayed in my mind from the first time I read the news about a abandoned infant, until I heard about him again when he was adopted. Even now that I know he gets support from a lot of people, I still think about him, and love him. The love I give him doesn't go away, and I think it will stay with me as long as I still have love to give. ThienNhan is special to me.

Thien Nhan, I love you, not as much as a mother loves his son, but still, I love you, and wish you the best.

ChewOnIt! said...

To anonymous

Did you actually read Thien Nhan's
blog before posting?
Do you know why Thien Nhan can't walk
normally like the other children?
Do you know how different he is from
other children?

I shall stop replying to you here --
this is a blog, not a forum. Email me
if you have to:

Thien Nhan said...

obviously, all kids are special, but one with thien nhan's injuries is going to need some extra help, which is why kind people all over the world are donating money, throwing him special parties and trying to add some fun & joy to his life. sadly, thien nhan is going to encounter his share of idiots, but he'll also meet lots of great people. very happy to hear that he has already inspired other charitable efforts too. keep at it yeu tre!

Anonymous said...

To 1st anonymous in second post: Give me your leg and penis. Then I will make you so special and get USD 13,000 for you in birthday.