Sunday, July 27, 2008

Special Guests

Last week Thien Nhan enjoyed a visit from Adarsh Bala and his dad Mr. Balasubramanian, both from Singapore. A friend of cartoonist CC Lee's, Adarsh was in Hanoi for business and stopped by to visit Thien Nhan and his family, bearing well-wishes and toys for the three kids.

Upon returning home, Adarsh wrote the following note to Thien Nhan's family:

My Dad and I already miss Thien Nhan greatly. We had a very enjoyable time playing with him in your home. I will definitely be back in Hanoi before the end of this year to see Thien Nhan again. Please give my love and regards to your husband, little Minh and big Minh, your mother-in-law and your cousin and her friends, and of course, last but not least, my darling little Thien Nhan.

Lots of love,


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Matt Niner said...

Hi! I'm a good friend of Adarsh's from college. I've been trying to track him down (after 15 years!) on my way to Singapore but haven't had any luck until I saw this photo online. Do you happen to have his email address?