Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Testing, Testing

Yesterday and today, Thien Nhan underwent various tests and exams in Houston to determine the extent of the damage to his genitals. "I think we have found the right doctors here," reports the toddler's mom, Mai Anh. "Dr. Tue Tinh is very kind and genuine. All of the doctors answer our concerns very clearly and logically."

Unfortunately, preliminary tests suggest that Thien Nhan's undescended testicles are unlikely to be viable. This would be a major blow. If the boy's testicles no longer produce testosterone, he will require hormone replacement therapy for the rest of his life, and be unable to father biological children. More tests will be performed this week. "We just have to wait and see," says Mai Anh.
[Photo, left to right: Thien Nhan's grandma, the poet Mrs. Kim Anh; surgeon Dr. Tue Tinh; Mr. Son Michael Pham of Kids Without Borders; Thien Nhan; mom, writer Mrs. Mai Anh; trip organizers Ms. Na Huong and Mr. Greig Craft.]

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Good Boy

"Thien Nhan hardly slept at all on the plane," says the toddler's mom, Mai Anh, speaking about their 36-hour trip from Hanoi to Houston.

"He is exhausted and jet-lagged but has been very well-behaved. I think he understands that we are here to help him. He is worried about the hospital but is trying his best to be a good and brave boy."

To view a video about little Nhan's visit to Houston, go to

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Welcome to Houston!

Want to welcome Thien Nhan to Houston? The local community and Seattle-based non-profit group Kids Without Borders will host a welcome party for the boy on Sunday September 27th at a Galleria Hotel from 2pm to 6pm.

For more information, please contact If you would like to contribute to cover expenses for Thien Nhan’s surgeries, make online donation from KWB's website and enter Miracle Baby in ‘designation’.

To view a video of little Nhan's arrival in Houston, go to:

Thien Nhan's In Texas!

Thien Nhan, 3, has arrived in Houston, Texas, where he is to undergo the next stage of surgery to repair his genitals.

"We are exhausted following a 36-hour trip," reports his mom, Mai Anh. "We will rest up before meeting Dr. Tue Tinh. Next week Thien Nhan will undergo tests in preparation for his surgery."

Dr. Tinh, a plastic surgeon who specializes in genital reconstruction, has volunteered to work on the toddler free of charge. Fundraising activities are ongoing to pay for associated costs (hospital fees, anaesthetist, medication, etc). This is the second of an estimated four or five surgeries that Thien Nhan will require to rebuild his genitals.

The photo shows Thien Nhan resting at a stop-over in Narita. Check out a video of the tot on his trip from Hanoi to Houston at:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scans & Tests

Two days ago, Thien Nhan underwent US$3,000 worth of CAT scans and tests at the Viet Xo Hospital in Hanoi. These scans were then forwarded to Dr. Tue in Houston, Texas, who will review them to plan for Thien Nhan's upcoming genital surgery.

While Thien Nhan, 3, was put under full anaesthesia for the CAT scan, he was awake for some other scans and tests. "The doctor told him that he could scream as loudly as he liked but he could not move," recalls his mom, Mai Anh. "It was amazing but that was exactly what he did. He lay as still as if he had been glued to the table but cried a bit, since it hurt." She goes on to say: "I felt so sorry for him. He looked so small lying on the examination table and then even smaller when he went into the big CAT scan machine."
After studying the film, the Hanoi doctors are hopeful that one of Thien Nhan's undescended testicles might prove viable. Since Thien Nhan suffered major genital damage when he was attacked by wild animals shortly after being abandoned at birth, this would be great news. The US doctors will review the scans later this week.