Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Testing, Testing

Yesterday and today, Thien Nhan underwent various tests and exams in Houston to determine the extent of the damage to his genitals. "I think we have found the right doctors here," reports the toddler's mom, Mai Anh. "Dr. Tue Tinh is very kind and genuine. All of the doctors answer our concerns very clearly and logically."

Unfortunately, preliminary tests suggest that Thien Nhan's undescended testicles are unlikely to be viable. This would be a major blow. If the boy's testicles no longer produce testosterone, he will require hormone replacement therapy for the rest of his life, and be unable to father biological children. More tests will be performed this week. "We just have to wait and see," says Mai Anh.
[Photo, left to right: Thien Nhan's grandma, the poet Mrs. Kim Anh; surgeon Dr. Tue Tinh; Mr. Son Michael Pham of Kids Without Borders; Thien Nhan; mom, writer Mrs. Mai Anh; trip organizers Ms. Na Huong and Mr. Greig Craft.]

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