Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Thien Nhan joined his brothers, mom Mai Anh and aunt Elka for pizza to celebrate his third birthday. While Thien Nhan loved the spicy sausage pizza, his brother Big Minh, 9, preferred the veggie spaghetti -- he managed to eat almost two plates full! Thien Nhan, meanwhile, ate his dinner with a knife and fork. He is very grown up now!

After dinner, Nhan jumped around the restaurant on one foot, amazing diners and staff with his balance, agility and energy.

Singaporean cartoonist CC Lee-- -- who has to date raised and donated around US$50,000 towards Thien Nhan's surgery and rehab -- sent in an additional US$1,700 on the tot's birthday-- $1,501 donated from his readers and colleagues and $199 from his own pocket. Thank you CC Lee and thank you Singapore


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Thien Nhan!

donalddockers said...

Happy Birthfay Thien Nhan..