Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life Lessons

These days, Thien Nhan is very talkative. His mom, Mai Anh, reports that Nhan, who will turn 3 in July, "chats constantly". A very bright and inquisitive little boy, he is currently obsessed with dinosaurs (see his favorite shirt!)

Most afternoons, Thien Nhan and his brothers go to a nearby park to get some fresh air and exercise. Passerby often stop to make a fuss of little Nhan, who is something of a celebrity in Vietnam. Mai Anh worries that all of the attention will go to the tot's head. "Of course I want him to feel confident," she says. "But I also want to be sure he is not spoiled!"

Although her kids are still small, Mai Anh is determined to teach them about helping others. "I hope that Thien Nhan will grow up and do good things for others in the same way that people have joined to help him now," she says.

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