Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bound for Bangkok!

Tomorrow, Thien Nhan and his family will travel to Bangkok, along with Hanoi-based philanthropist Greig Craft. Mr. Craft, who helped organize Nhan's surgery in the US last August, has arranged for the tot to be examined by six leading Thai specialists. "Thailand is internationally recognized as having amongst the best medical care in the region, especially for genital reconstructive surgery," says Mr. Craft. "Thanks to a dedicated group of physicians in Bangkok, Thien Nhan can now look forward to the next level of necessary medical care as he enters childhood. Six physicians have agreed to perform an initial diagnostic exam for free, and will determine a thorough course of action for young Thien Nhan.”

Led by internationally renowned surgeon Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon M.D, along with a physician specializing in Prosthetics, a Psychologist, an Endocrinologist and a Pediatrician from the Bangkok Mediplex, the six doctors will carry out a two-day intensive examination starting Thursday 9th April.

Along with the free medical services of Bangkok Medic Complex, the Sofitel Hotel of Bangkok has offered the family free lodgings during their Thailand stay. Well-known Singaporean Lee Chee Chew has led a major fundraising effort, and made personal contributions, to cover travel costs for the family.

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