Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seeing Red

Just weeks after coming down with a bad case of measles, poor Thien Nhan got sick again -- this time with a fever and an angry red rash. Initially doctors thought he had the chicken pox but then changed their minds. Worried that whatever it was could be highly contagious, mom Mai Anh sent Thien Nhan's brothers, Big Minh and Little Minh, to stay with her parents.

When little Nhan's rash cleared and his big brothers came home Thien Nhan cried with happiness. "He was so happy to see them again. He missed them so much," reports Mai Anh. "Now they're all at school again and life is back to normal." For now...

The picture shows Thien Nhan, age 2, (right) getting a hug from his brother Hai Minh, 4.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he had roseola or something?? Really high fever and small red dots that start on the trunk of the body?? Glad he's better now! Poor guy, this time of year in HN is always a sickly time! Alex M

Wubing said...

Glad he is okie now.