Monday, December 22, 2008

Musical Mishap

Poor Thien Nhan had a musical mishap! While standing on the piano bench and pressing on the keys with his leg-stump to make "music", the tot lost his balance and fell off, landing face first. "There was blood all over his chin and shirt," reports mom Mai Anh. "Nghinh and I totally panicked. We were so scared. We all rushed to the emergency room at Viet Duc Hospital."

At the hospital, doctors recognized Thien Nhan from local media reports. Aware that the boy has already been through a lot of trauma and fearful of damaging his adorable looks, they called two plastic surgeons from the Facial-Dental Hospital. These specialists decided to put Thien Nhan under general anaesthetic and used a special type of stitches that reduce scarring. Four stitches were required to repair his lower lip. "The doctors did an amazing job. Thank goodness he is fine and looks great," says Mai Anh. [Photo shows Thien Nhan the day after his accident.]

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