Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Bug

While winter is typically the "flu season", a nasty flu is going around in Vietnam. Poor Thien Nhan has been ill for three days now, with a cough and a fever. So far, his older brothers are fine, as are Mum and Dad.

"It's summer holidays, so that's an extra miserable time to be sick!" says the boys' mum, Mai Anh. Before this little setback, Thien Nhan had been enjoying a great summer, getting up to lots of mischief with his brothers. Here's a photo of the three of them getting cleaned up after a day spent playing.
[Photo, left to right: Little Minh, Thien Nhan, Big Minh]

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hot & Bothered

It's summer and Thien Nhan and his brothers are home from school. Unfortunately, it's more than 40 degrees Celsius in Hanoi today -- and expected to get hotter over the weekend!

"The kids are very noisy and naughty being inside all day. It is too hot to go out," reports mom, Mai Anh.

Even when the temperature drops enough to turn off the aircon, Mai Anh has taken to keeping the front door closed. "There's a small outdoor market across the street, and Thien Nhan stands in the doorway behind our metal gate and begs the vendors to bring him fruit," she reports. "I have to close the door to stop him from begging for snacks and sweets! He looks very cute so all of the vendor women spoil him!"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Charitable Request

Hi all,

I've just been informed that the family of Cuong, the little boy who died of a facial tumor, has received a donation of over US$4,000 -- from the readers of Dang Tri Newspaper and other Vietnamese and overseas sources.

This is enough to pay off their medical debts and buy a new cultivator. No further fundraising is needed to get this poor family back on track.

Thanks everyone!