Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thien Nhan's Mum Is Honored as an Outstanding Citizen

This October, the city of Hanoi will celebrate its 1,000th anniversary. To mark this event, 10 Hanoians have been selected as "Outstanding Hanoi Citizens" -- and one of them is Thien Nhan's devoted mum, Tran Mai Anh.

At just 37 years old, Mai Anh is the youngest in the group. Most of the others are senior citizens and include three historians and researchers; a sports coach; the artist who organized the Hanoi Wall project; a community health worker; a war veteran who's heavily involved in his community; a company director; and a farmer who has helped to improve living conditions in his community.
"I am very touched," said Mai Anh. "I hope that this award will help more people to understand about Thien Nhan and other needy kids, and to help them to overcome their challenges in life."
[Photo shows Tran Mai Anh and her eldest son, Big Minh. Since Thien Nhan was adopted two years ago, Big Minh has been a wonderful source of help for Thien Nhan. He deserves an award too for being an "Outstanding Big Brother".]

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Minh is in Hospital

As if Thien Nhan's family hasn't been through enough this past fortnight...

The night before last, Thien Nhan's brother and best friend, Little Minh, 4, suffered a seizure and stopped breathing. He was rushed to the 108 Hospital in Hanoi, where doctors managed to revive him.

Tests reveal that Little Minh suffers from epilepsy. "He is stable now but it was very scary," reports mum Mai Anh, who was only released from hospital herself a few days ago (and is supposed to be home in bed, recuperating). "They are doing more tests to work out the cause of the seizure and how to treat him."

Thien Nhan, 4, is staying with his grandparents and his eldest brother, Big Minh, 11. "I want Brother Minh to get better soon and come home," said Thien Nhan. "I miss him a lot."

[photo shows Thien Nhan and Little Minh during better times]

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Get well soon, Mummy!

Thien Nhan's trip to Singapore had to be cancelled because - just days before the planned departure - the tot's mum, Mai Anh, suffered a major brain aneurysm.

Mai Anh was taken to Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi, where she underwent coiling - an innovative surgical procedure in which a thin platinum coil is inserted into the brain to plug the aneurysm. It was a very scary time but Mai Anh survived the surgery and is expected to make a full recovery! She is an amazing woman!

When Thien Nhan visited his mum in hospital prior to her surgery, he gave her his favorite toy car. So sweet and thoughtful!

We will reschedule Thien Nhan's trip to Singapore - and his surgery, when Mai Anh is well enough to travel. Get well soon, Mai Anh!